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Distillate DMA fuels

Effective 2020, the UN International Maritime Organisation has reduced the cap on the sulphur content of marine fuel from 3.5% to 0.5%. This transition to a cleaner lower sulphur fuel has had significant implications on the shipping industry at all levels and resulted in large scale increases in the consumption of low sulphur distillate DMA fuels.

Marine gasoil specialists

Numerco’s team is dedicated to facilitating cargos and supplying barges of low sulphur marine gasoil, along with providing the consumers with the capacity to offset the greenhouse gasses resulting from the combustion of this fuel baked into the fuel cost. Focussing not only on the liquid North West European hubs, but also on the broader regional coaster and cargo markets across the UK, Scandinavia, Mediterranean and West Africa, we aim to constantly monitor relative pricing, with the objective of identifying and smoothing regional differences to produce the most economical supply options to our clients.