Schneider Group: Carbon Neutral Wool Partnership

As of May 2019 Numerco has been working closely with the Schneider Group to offset the emissions of their operations. As a result of our partnership we are pleased to announce zero emissions wool tops!

Carbon Neutral Wool Tops offers clients the possibility to develop their own carbon neutral yarns, fabrics and wool textile products. These wool tops are made of Argentinian wool, and in addition to being carbon neutral they can also be organic and RWS certified.

Life Cycle Assessment

Schneider Group has the goal to constantly improve their environmental impact and internal processes wherever possible. To achieve this goal, an important step was to measure their impact. In 2018, they undertook a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of their operation in Argentina where they have the unique setup of managing their own farms and running their own processing mill. Read all about the LCA study here.

Offsetting the Impact

Schneider Group has invested in carbon neutral projects in Uruguay, some of these projects will take some time to develop over the next couple of years. In the meantime, however, Schneider Group has already reduced their impact.
Based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), they knew exactly what emissions of their operations were.

Once Schneider Group fully understood their environmental impacts they improved farms and mills. These improvements lead to vast reductions of CO2 and methane emissions, as well as water and energy use.