Numerco Releases Nuclear Fuel iPhone App


‎London, Tuesday 14th October 2014 – Numerco, the specialist commodity supply company, is pleased to announce the release of a uranium and nuclear fuel iPhone app. The app provides real time pricing indications and historical charting for the nuclear fuel markets, including uranium in form U3O8 and UF6, along with conversion and enrichment services. The application, which is free of charge to Numerco clients, is available to download in the Apple store.

‘Our commercial role in the nuclear fuel markets is to facilitate trade by efficiently bridging the location, form and duration differences that exist in the nuclear fuel markets’, adds Scott Lawrence, Numerco’s managing director. ‘In performing this function, we’ve grown to appreciate the importance our customers place on intraday pricing when making decisions and this development is designed to streamline the pre trade process through us.’

The app will supplement the live uranium pricing ‎portal currently available on the Numerco website and plans for version updates include dynamic charting, instant message with numerco, nuclear fuel calculators and reactor/mine maps and information.

About Numerco

Numerco is an independent commodity supply company, specialising in both the sourcing and supply chain optimisation of esoteric physical materials, energies and industrial products.  Headquartered in the UK, the aim is to provide professional supply services through our well established sourcing and distribution networks, coupling expertise on both the development and aggregation of global sources of production.

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