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Nuclear Fuel

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Boasting nearly 40 years collective experience in the nuclear fuel industry, the Numerco team has developed long term relationships with utilities across the globe as well as supply channels spanning the breadth of the fuel cycle.  As an independent and price-neutral agent, Numerco provides reliable nuclear fuel supply by bridging the gap between the availability of aggressively priced fuel supply and the budget, duration, form and location requirements of the consumers.

Product coverage includes:

  • Uranium Oxide In the form U3O8
  • Uranium Hexafluoride, UF6
  • Conversion Services
  • Isotopic Enrichment, SWU
  • Enriched Uranium Product

With its in-depth industry knowledge Numerco is able to provide pricing information to the market which is also used in our nuclear fuel valuation and sensitivity service

Numerco offers consumers the ability to neutralise greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the logistical movements of nuclear fuel around the globe.  These reductions are made from projects which also provide wider social and economic benefits in the poorest regions of ore production and are validated by the most stringent certification processes.  See our responsibility page for an example of the projects used in our own offsetting.

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