Company Overview

Numerco Limited is an independent commodity supply and technology company, specialising in the sourcing and supply chain optimisation of low carbon energy and industrial products. Headquartered in the UK and with over 200 partners in 40 countries, our aim is to couple fuel supply services with environmental market products to help our clients meet their sustainability objectives.  Our well established network, the supporting technology we’ve developed and a professional approach has all been recognised; and we’re proud to be 6 year running award winners in environmental finance magazine’s voluntary carbon market rankings.

Our Team

  • Our Team

    Scott Lawrence

    Co-Founder & Managing Director
    As the former head of energy markets for a major commodity dealing firm, Scott brings a breadth of experience across the energy space, both physical and financial, with a with a keen interest in low carbon fuels, data analytics and systematic trading.
  • Our Team

    Gareth Turner

    Co-Founder & Director
    Gareth boasts an decade long award winning reputation in the sustainable energy arena, offering a broad and extensive career in bridging capital markets with supply chains for global environmental and carbon products.
  • Our Team

    Craig Tee

    Co-Founder & Director
    Craig provides supply services to the global fuel markets along with driving Numerco’s product and service growth. He has over 20 years experience in the banking, brokerage and commodity space.
  • Our Team

    Sue Speight

    North American Representative
    From Colorado, Sue represents Numerco’s nuclear team in North America. She has over 30 years experience as both buyer and supplier of nuclear fuel, covering the full breadth of the front end fuel cycle from U3O8 to SWU.
  • Our Team

    Raissa Petri

    Global Carbon Markets
    Raissa is based out of São Paulo, Brazil where she focuses on Voluntary Carbon markets. Her expertise are harboured from a long history in both the development of emission reduction projects as well as the commercial side of project finance and output sales.
  • Our Team

    Andrew Jeyarajah

    Global Carbon & Environmental Markets
    Andrew is the European lead for global carbon and environmental markets. He is a mechanical engineer with a masters in finance and has been working in capital markets for nearly 20yrs in front office rolls across broking, banking and structured finance.
  • Our Team

    Sila Duran

    Global Carbon Markets
    Sila is a Carbon market professional who has worked in the field for some of Turkey's biggest energy companies. Her focus is the sourcing of credits for our existing portfolio, along with the development and finance of new emission reduction projects in the region.
  • Our Team

    Geoff Puzzi

    Global Oil Markets
    Geoff brings expertise from over a decade of managing oil products teams in a numeber of large brokerage firms. He is expanding the business in physical Gasoil 0.1 DMA ISO 8217 and navigating the 2020 marine fuel changes.
  • Our Team

    Anushree Mishra

    Country Manager – Environmental Markets, India
    Anushree has around 14 years of experience in the Carbon markets with the largest renewable energy companies in India. She has worked on the entire value chain of carbon markets from development of projects to commercial realization
  • Our Team

    Azat Abdibekov

    Head of Asia & CIS
    Based in Kazakhstan, Azat represents our interests in Aisa & the CIS. He was formerly at some of the biggest nuclear fuel and petrochemical companies in the world and brings a bredth of experience along with a MSc in Energy, Trade & Finance from CASS London.
  • Our Team

    Katie Stringer

    Finance & Operations Manager
    Katie manages the post trade finance administration process, along with credit and wider operational aspects to the business. She speaks both English and Mandarin Chinese and is familiar with a range of enterprise financial software solutions, ensuring the client settlment process is intergrated and smooth.
  • Our Team

    Anthony George

    Head of Technology
    Anthony designs, maintains and manages the middle and back office systems used to support day to day operations. In addition he maintains the pre trade pricing feeds, mobile apps and researches new products.


Numerco is always on the lookout for people who would be a great fit for our team even if we’re not currently advertising any specific positions. So, if you’re social and analytical, self-motivated, able to work autonomously, are interested in the commodity markets and have excellent interpersonal skills and great attention to detail, we’d always love to see your CV.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Numerco is committed to minimising its impact on climate change, ensuring that the operation is both energy efficient and the residual global greenhouse gas footprint is offset. The chosen mitigation projects not only eliminate greenhouse gas, but also have wider social benefits for the communities and regions in which they operate. See below overviews for the most recent projects used to ensure our neutrality and click on the links for further information and maps:

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